Amanda vs the Vulture

On the side of the road, somewhere in Mongolia…

Guide: “the vulture is really heavy, perhaps it is better if you hold the eagle.”

Me (Amanda): “no, it’s cool. I have big muscles” (showing bicep).

Guide: “are you sure? It is REALLY heavy.”

Me: “yeah I’m sure.”

The guide gives me the glove and gets the vulture to stand on my arm. It is like lifting a full water jerry up to shoulder height with one arm.  The bird is almost as big as a small car!! (Note the car in the photo background…). Anyway, after only a few seconds, it becomes quickly apparent that it is TOO HEAVY and I start to waiver. The vulture senses this and gets antsy. I get antsy that the bird is going to grab hold of the next most stable “perch” – my neck. The guide steps in and helps me out.

Guide (muttering in Mongolian): “your muscles are crap”.


(This adventure was part of a bigger adventure catching the train from Beijing to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian!)


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