Tree-surfing in Mornington!

It was a misty Sunday morning and we were getting suited up in helmets and harnesses to go “tree-surfing” – navigating through the tree-tops on high-wires and zip-lines. This was part of an adventurous weekend on the Mornington Peninsula (near Melbourne) with my RAS buddy Sondra. Exercise, adventure and good food/beverage are common themes when we hang out.

The weekend started out with our habitual morning run along the beach and through the little marina at Safety Beach…


…then progressed to cider-tasting in the fruit groves at Arthur’s Seat…


…then cycling around the old Portsea Army Barracks and tunnels, checking out little echidnas digging for ants, and a quick stop to see the spot where Harold Holt (Prime Minister of Australia) went swimming and never came back from…


…then afternoon tea delights (especially the famous vanilla slice!!) at Sorrento…

…then dinner and spa-treatments at the Peninsula Hot Springs

…then rummaging through vintage wares…

…and finally tree-surfing at the Enchanted Maze in Arthur’s Seat! All was going well until I mistimed my zip-line landing and spudded in! (see the end of the youtube clip for slo-mo of my stack).


All-in-all, another jam-packed RAS adventure!


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