Thoughts of Torokina

I saw in the news today that there was an 8.0 magnitude earthquake below Bougainville Island…


…and the map looks like it might have been close to the remote region of Torokina, where I spent a couple of months in 2014. I had the privilege of leading a mission to remove unexploded World War II bombs and ordnance. Torokina had been the location of an allied forces airstrip during the war, and although the war was more than seventy years ago, the place was still littered with hundreds of unexploded bombs and mines and stuff. During the mission we detonated over twelve tonnes of explosive, making the community much safer.

While I was there I became friends with many of the Torokina people. I hope that they are all OK after today’s earthquake!


Bougainville sits on the Ring of Fire where tectonic plates move and collide resulting in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Torokina is home to Mount Bagana, a volcano that I talked about in a previous post, and a few weeks before our mission in 2014, it had erupted, displacing a number of families.


Now it seems to be earthquakes wreaking havoc.

Anyway, my thoughts are with my Torokina friends.


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