Feeding the fascination!

I’m fascinated by lots of things: the ocean and its inhabitants, foreign cultures and travel, history, space, food, art…etc. I feed the fascination by indulging my curiosity as frequently as I can: bushwalking or beach-combing; studying the weather; delving into the history of something or someone; visiting museums and art galleries; travelling as much as I can (which is plenty at the moment because I live on a sail-boat); reading voraciously; talking to people; taking photos; collecting stuff; fossicking through second-hand stores; ticking things off the bucket list.

For me, writing a blog is a record of it all. It’s yet another collection to add to my shells and beach-combing finds, my postcards and ticket stubs, and my hundreds (thousands?) of photographs. It’s a virtual scrapbook, photo album and travel journal, all in one! The skeleton of a memoir perhaps. Anyway, I feed my endless fascination, and then I write about it, colour it in with photos, and share it with others.

The other day I visited the Gladstone Art Gallery. We were sheltering in Gladstone from Cyclone Debbie which cut a nasty swathe across Queensland (read about that here on my sailing adventure blog, the Alpha Odyssey). With gloomy weather about, I went and checked out the local art gallery. For a small country town, it was impressive. One of the exhibitions in particular resonated with me: “Caravan of Curiosities” – the collaboration of “a tinker, a traveller, and a treasure-hunter”. One of the pieces was titled “black boxes”. Each artist started with the same basic black box. One lined it with maps and filled it with beach-combing finds and knick knacks. A visual representation of a memory. My blog is like my virtual “black box”. And I plan to fill it chock-full!


*This post was the result of my sudden return to university. Yesterday I signed up for a couple of basic courses at Blogging University! I stumbled upon it via a badge on another blog I’m following. It’s day two, and I’m studiously completing the daily assignments. While they encourage you to post each one, I’ve merged the first two into this post. Yesterday we had to delve into why we write. Today we had to make a list. The whole point is channelling #everydayinspiration.


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