Hello sun, welcome back!

Hello sun, welcome back! We missed you.

While you were gone, a fair bit changed around here. Cyclone Debbie trashed the joint, wreaking havoc in Airlie Beach and Bowen, bringing down powerlines, smashing boats into rocks and knocking down buildings. Then she headed down the coast with her hooligan friends, strong wind and torrential rain, creating further destruction and widespread flooding. Tragically a couple of people have died in stormwater, while in Rockhampton, the floods are predicted to be the biggest in 100 years!

aerial view of the water heading down toward Rockhampton
For the crew of S/V Angel Wing, the bad weather has been quite a challenge. We hid out in Pancake Creek, Gladstone and the Narrows, so we avoided the worst of it, but we all ended up with a strong dose of cabin fever from being cooped up inside all the time. Now you are back, morale is high and we’ve ventured outside again. Even the birds seem chirpier!


Anyway, it’s good you are back, you need to help with all the cleaning up!

*This post is once again the result of the Blogging University assignments I’ve signed up for. (Day 8, reinvent the letter format) #everyday inspiration


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