Postcard to home: Rosslyn Bay

In a postcard to home, I would tell you that we are currently moored in the Keppel Bay Marina in Rosslyn Bay, near the QLD coastal town of Yeppoon. We are sheltering in here due to bad weather and strong winds which are still lingering from Cyclone Debbie. We’d have a laugh about the fact that I fell in while we were docking the boat (although acknowledging that I actually could have been badly hurt, but luckily wasn’t).

In a postcard to home, I’d mention the cabin fever I am suffering due to being cooped up in the marina, but I wouldn’t dwell on it. I still get to bush walk and explore and beach-comb every day. I would tell you about the blowhole we found while walking up the nearby headland, and about the cool shell I found on a morning walk along Kemp Beach.

In a postcard to home, I would ask if you had seen the news about the Fitzroy River in nearby Rockhampton flooding, and I’d tell you that we are sharing the marina with a bunch of Army folk who are here to provide disaster relief. I used to work with some of them, so it was great catching up.

In a postcard to home, I would pass on regards from Aunt Trisha and Uncle Paul, who took us on a little excursion down to Emu Park, to see the amazing local war memorial and the “singing ship” monument to Captain Cook, before detouring to Rocky to visit a bush chapel that had been built by American soldiers in World War II. I’d tell you that Trisha and I also went to a shell museum which was great. We were able to find out the names of lots of the shells we’ve collected.


In a postcard to home, I would tell you about my thongs which blew away in the 30 knot wind gusts because I left them out on the deck. I’d tell you that I managed to find one, and then recite for you the cheesy little poem I wrote to the other…

Ode to a lost thong
There once was a pair of thongs
Who went well with most of my sarongs
The wind picked up
The thongs blew away
And now they are a pair of lost thongs.

One arvo I went to find them
Hoping they were floating like flotsam
I found all kinds of junk
But only one of the pair
The other is still a lost gem.

One day someone might come upon it.
They will think that the owner is a git.
For letting it blow away
In 30 knot winds
And not being more careful to secure it.

(cheesy, right?)

In a postcard to home, I’d close by letting you know that our next destination is around Shoalwater Bay and that I’m looking forward to seeing you in Mackay for Anzac Day!

heading north!

**This post is once again the result of a Blogging University course assignment: everyday inspiration day 11. The task was a virtual coffee date, but as I’m travelling, I adapted it to a postcard to home.  And again, if anyone other than a spambot is reading this post, pls leave a comment below and let me know some ideas for future posts or things you’d like me to write about it (I need some input for a future assignment). Cheers!


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