Redcliffe residency

I had a brief stint as a resident of Redcliffe while we finished the preparations for our two year sailing adventure. In the two and half months I lived on the Peninsula, I had a chance to check out a fair bit of Redcliffe RAS. Here’s a few highlights:

  • nice beaches and great vistas of Moreton Bay. On full moon nights, it’s fantastic to watch the moon rise over Moreton Island.


  • boaties of all shapes and sizes are well looked after with several well-appointed marinas and lots of boat ramps. Living in Scarborough marina, I was lucky to see beautiful sunsets almost every day!


  • fresh seafood, straight from the trawlers, and lots of other great places to eat. Bay Boats Cafe serves the best burgers in SEQ! And Charlie’s Raw Squeeze at Clontarf does amazing salads and smoothies.
    Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 10.56.11 AM


  • the Moreton Bay cycleway and lots of other great facilities to maintain fitness.


  • a fantastic lagoon to cool off when its hot.
  • a really active RSL with a great heritage display and fantastic beachside cafe for breakfast.
  • lots of photogenic places: Gayundah wreck, Woody Point jetty, etc!
  • and at Christmas time, an entire apartment block that decks out in Christmas lights!

Thanks for a great stay Redcliffe!



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