The dizzying heights of KL

The Alpha Odyssey

What’s the best way to see a city? On top of a 34-storey building, cocktail in hand, with a 360 degree panorama of the city skyline!


KL has heaps of great sky-bars but the coolest one I’ve found so far is the Heli Lounge Bar . It’s bloody genius really: by day it’s a rooftop helipad, but as the sun goes down in turns into an open air sky-bar with top views of the city.  Especially KL’s famous twins, the Petronas Towers. And the best thing is the view isn’t spoiled by layers of glass or wire … there’s just a tape cordon between you and the edge. It’s awesome.


But I didn’t sit on a bus for five hours just to drink a cocktail and look at a pretty view. We hit the food, culture, museums, architecture, shopping malls, mosques, temples, gardens, animal parks, and all the goodness KL…

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